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Swedish Lapland Holidays


A visit to the world famous ICEHOTEL is a must for any visitor to Kiruna. It is only with first-hand experience that you can truly appreciate the artistry and magical atmosphere of this sculpted snow and ice structure. Wrap up warm and wander the corridors, visit the Art suites, photograph the ice church and enjoy a drink at the ICEBAR!

Treehotel, Harads, Northern Sweden

The Treehotel consists of five cabins each suspended 4-6 metres above the forest floor. This is a unique and exclusive haven surrounded by a backdrop of unspoiled nature. Whether it is for the experience, the adventure, a special occasion or simply to fulfil a childhood dream, a stay at the Treehotel will offer you an insight into nature at its best.

Aurora Borealis, Kiruna, Sweden

The wilderness landscape surrounding Kiruna is transformed into a winter wonderland at the arrival of the first snow. Forests dusted with the fresh fall, frozen lakes and rivers, crisp air and blue skies await visitors.

Aurora Photo Tour, Northern Sweden

This National Park is a winter wonderland with ice climbing, snow shoe tours, cross country skiing, dog sled tours and ice fishing on offer.

Kappas, Sweden’s longest underground cave system, Northern Sweden

This is a destination for downhill and cross-country skiing; for winter activities (snowmobiling, dog-sledding, snow shoe hikes and ice fishing); for family holidays, and for gastronomic breaks – Lapporten restaurant serves local specialities and seasonal menus.

Hovercraft tour, Swedish Lapland

With two distinct seasons, Northern Sweden is not a one-trick pony. The winter months bring a snow-covered wilderness illuminated by the colours of the Northern Lights. It is during the winter months that visitors can experience the natural phenomenon of the Polar Nights, participate in a range of winter activities or just enjoy the silence of the scene from the privacy of their cabin or hotel. In the summer this is the land of the Midnight Sun, when the sun does not set below the horizon.


The return of the long awaited summer months in Northern Sweden transforms the snow-covered countryside into a landscape of lush, vibrant green. This is a region where nature dominates and provides a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

Fishing in the River Torne

The ICEHOTEL is now a year-round destination offering sub-zero guest accommodation and a host of outdoor activities.

Brandon Lodge, Swedish Lapland

The coastal region of Swedish Lapland is a sight to behold during the winter months. As the snow and crisp winter temperatures arrive, the Bothnian Bay begins to freeze and the once blue scene becomes a blanket of white.

Husky Dogs, Lulea, Northern Sweden

From January to the late March, the wilderness landscape surrounding Luleå is covered in a dusting of snow and the sea freezes, creating a dream location for winter experiences and excursions.

Hovercraft Excursion Pine Bay Lodge

A idyllic property set on the shores of Lake Furufjarden, Pine Bay Lodge offers a home-from-home environment surrounded by the unspoiled nature of Swedish Lapland. A wealth of winter activities are available within close proximity.

Sorbyn, Swedish Lapland

One hour’s drive inland from Lulea, surrounded by dense woodlands of pine trees and bordered by Lake Vitträsket, stands Sorbyn. This is the natural home of reindeer and moose, and where, many winter activities can be enjoyed including the dazzling displays of the Aurora Borealis under the clear night skies.

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