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Sweden Summer Holidays

The return of the long awaited summer months in Northern Sweden transforms the snow-covered countryside into a landscape of lush, vibrant green. This is a region where nature dominates and provides a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

The town of Luleå , located on the Bothnian Coast, has a backdrop of lush river valleys, pine forests and an archipelago of 800 islands. The archipelago is renowned for its wealth of birds, wildlife and flora and is a delight for any nature lover. Many of the islands are uninhabited and accessible only by boat.

Surrounding Luleå are three nature reserves, each part of the EU's ecological network of protected areas. The Gammelstadviken Nature Reserve, located between Gammelstad and Luleå is home to a variety of bird life including the Hazel Grouse, Rustic Bunting, Ural Owl, Whooper Swan and a population of Little Gull. The wilderness area of the Bälingeberget Mountain Nature Reserve, located to the west of Gammelstad, affords a rich diversity of flora from a sparse pine forest with 400 year old pines to over 217 species of vascular plants. The Storforsen Nature Reserve, to the north of Luleå, includes a riverside forest with its rich flora and fauna. Each nature reserve is open to visitors and offers picnic areas, birdwatching towers (Gammelstadsviken) and walking trails.

At 200km north of the Arctic Circle, Kiruna and its environs is in the land of the ‘Midnight Sun’, a time of year when the sun never drops below the horizon. As many as 100 days of the magical light can be experienced from late May to mid July. The Panorama Café, 100km to the west of Kiruna, is a wonderful location from which to experience the natural phenomenon. Perched 500m above the Abisko National Park on the slope of Mount Nuoja, the station affords marvellous panoramic views towards the horizon over Lake Tornetrask and Lapporten and the endless mountain landscape.

The countryside surrounding Kiruna is spectacular with virgin wilderness, vast valleys and mountains (including Sweden’s tallest mountain, Kebnekaise at 2104m). Within a short drive visitors are able to explore this natural paradise.

For walking enthusiasts Northern Sweden has over 2000km of marked trails. A popular trail climbs 19km from the Sámi village of Nikkaluokta (70km west of Kiruna) to the Kebnekaise Mountain Lodge and restaurant (open 11Jun-19Sep), 14km if you take a boat excursion over Lake Ladjojaure.

The mining centre of Kiruna is the seat of the Swedish Sámi Parliament and the capital of the second largest municipality in the world. Kiruna’s primary tourist attraction is the iron-ore mine which, during the summer months, offers guided tours which explain the fascinating origins of the city.

To find out more about a summer trip to Northern Sweden, read our blog.

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