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Sicily Holidays

Marsala, Sicily

This is the island that awaits you: a heady mixture of cultures and traditions, full of contrasts, a glorious amalgam of differing architectural styles, a melting pot of peoples, as different geographically from one end to the other as is the character of its inhabitants. There is so much to see in Sicily: you can explore the beautiful and varied countryside or discover what each civilisation has left behind in its architecture and its traditions.

The Norman Trail, Sicily

Everyone in England knows what happened here in 1066, but what is not so well known is that at the same time as the Normans were busy invading England, they were doing the same thing in Italy.

The Wine Tral, Sicily

Legend has it that the Greek god Dionysus (also known as Bacchus), the god of the grape harvest, of winemaking and wine, brought pleasure to mankind and wine to Sicily. What is certain is that wine has been made in Sicily since ancient times. The soil and climate are ideal for the purpose and most farmers and smallholders would have had their own vineyard, producing wine for the family. The wines of Mount Etna, from vines grown on the rich lava terrain, were especially well-known, but many varieties of grape are now cultivated and many diff erent wines produced in what has become a wine-lover’s paradise.

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