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Sweden Holidays

Sweden holidays

Meet your Sweden with our range of tailor-made holidays. Click here for further information.


The relaxed atmosphere and unspoiled nature make Sweden a joy to explore at any time of the year. Cosmopolitan cities stand side-by-side with extensive forests, vast lakes, a long and varied coastline and mountain ranges.

Stockholm, the capital, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it is easy to see why. Famed as the ‘Venice of the north’, the city is spread over 14 connected islands and is brimming with waterways, open parkland and a rich and varied history. Surrounding Stockholm is an archipelago of 30,000 islands and a lush countryside of open fields, rolling hills, pine forests, vast lakes and manor houses.

Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city stands on the western coastline of the country and is the number one seaport in Scandinavia. It is a bustling, university city and an excellent choice for a city break with wonderful shopping, cultural and culinary opportunities on offer. North of Gothenburg a varied landscape of open fields, forests, beautiful lakes and a long archipelago of 10,000 islands is waiting to be explored.

Apple orchard, Skåne, Sweden

Holidays In Sweden

The southernmost county of Sweden, Skåne, offers the best of both worlds for visitors. The ancient city centre of Malmö – Sweden’s third city – is teeming with sights and attractions to suit those seeking culture and vitality, whereas the surrounding countryside and sandy beaches offer a more serene ambiance.

There’s nothing like summer in Sweden. The days are long and pleasant and, with the midnight sun illuminating the sky, they feel almost never-ending. Outdoor living is embraced: take an evening cycle or a dip in a sun-warmed lake, unwind on a cruise or join in with the midsummer celebrations.

The islands of Gotland and Öland, off the east coast, have a vibrant summer scene attracting visitors and Swedes to their shores. Here history - the walled city of Visby, a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Gotland), medieval fortresses and the largest castle ruin in northern Europe (Öland) - is combined with unspoiled nature.

As winter approaches the Swedish countryside transforms into an idyllic winter scene. The towns and cities twinkle with candlelight and there are numerous festive, markets and concerts to enjoy.

The north of the country – Kiruna and Luleå, at this time of year, offers visitors a majestic, snow-covered landscape as well as an extensive selection of winter activities. Home to the Lapps or Sámi, Scandinavia’s oldest indigenous people, this area is steeped in local tradition and history. It is also one of the few places on earth where you can see the magnificent Northern Lights.

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UNESCO has added 14 sites in Sweden to the World Heritage List including:

  • The Rock carvings in Tanum
  • The Royal domain of Drottningholm
  • Skogskyrkogården cemetery
  • The Viking town of Birka
  • The Hanseatic town of Visby 
  • The church village of Gammelstad
  • Engelsberg Ironworks
  • The agricultural landscape of Southern Öland



Sweden is a food lover’s delight. No matter where you are in the country, you will find chefs producing local specialties, international delicacies and innovative gourmet dishes. Fabulous traditional Swedish ingredients such as Kalix bleak roe, lobster, oysters, salmon, wild boar, deer and a variety of berries should not be missed.

The West Coast of Sweden is rapidly gaining an international reputation as the ‘foodie’ capital of northern Europe, both for its burgeoning number of imaginative chefs and for the wealth and quality of its natural produce: seafood and shellfish; game; smoked fish; wild mushrooms; berries and locally produced cheese.

The southern region of Skåne is known as the breadbasket of the country.No matter the season, fresh produce is the order of the day - asparagus,strawberries, raspberries, potatoes, apples, cabbages and parsnips areall grown locally. Combine these ingredients with the local lamb, curedham, suckling pork, freshwater fish and seafood and you are guaranteed a delicious feast.

Sunvil has carefully selected properties that are part of the Taste of West Sweden and Culinary Skåne programmes, a network of gastronomic eateries which place just as much emphasis on the environment and local produce, as on the excellent culinary experience offered.


There are 29 national parks across the country. Stockholm, Gotland, Skåne, West Sweden and our selected properties in Northern Sweden are ideal for those wishing to enjoy the unspoiled landscape of Sweden.

To the southwest of Visby (Gotland) the island of Stora Karlsö, the second oldest nature reserve in the world, is renowned for its abundance of birdlife in particular the colonies of guillemots and razorbills.


The right of public access in Sweden provides the right to roam the countryside in perfect peace and quiet, and wherever you are in the country you will find marked walking trails to suit all abilities. The region of Sörmland is home to the 1000km Sörmlandsleden walking trail and Skåne boasts the 1000km Skåneleden walking trail. For the experienced hiker, the Abisko National Park near Kiruna is highly recommended. Sunvil has introduced a 2-night walking holiday in the Stockholm archipelago for those wishing to discover the unspoiled natural delights of Sweden with the comfort of a local guide.

Winter Activities in Kiruna

The wilderness landscape surrounding Kiruna is transformed into a winter wonderland at the arrival of the first snow. Forests dusted with the fresh fall, frozen lakes and rivers, crisp air and blue skies await visitors. With the winter months comes the natural phenomena of the Polar nights when the sun does not rise above the horizon, and the Northern Lights, as well as a host of activities to suit all interests from dog-sledding excursions, to snowmobile safaris and snowshoe tours.

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